DC’s Young Animal — the strangest comics ever — just got even weirder

Gerard Way, of My Chemical Romance fame, started his Young Animal imprint just over a year ago. The four books — Doom Patrol, Shade the Changing Girl, Mother Panic, and Cave Carson Has a Cybernetic Eye — have delighted comics fans thus far, but they’ve also done some things that would raise anyone’s eyebrows. 

You wouldn’t think a punk rock cat-person, an alien possessing the body of a teenage girl, a socialite vigilante who has quite a problem with nuns, and a spelunking adventurer who’s famous for meeting Superman that one time could steal people’s hearts, but they have.

And now these four books will connect with the larger DC Universe in a big way.

The crossover event is called Milk Wars and it revolves around a character named Milkman Man. (No, I’m not kidding.)

It all starts in January with the JLA/Doom Patrol Special, written by Steve Orlando and Gerard Way. The other crossovers will match Shade with Wonder Woman, Cave Carson with Swamp Thing, and Mother Panic with Batman.

A page from the Justice League and Doom Patrol Special

A page from the Justice League and Doom Patrol Special

For the purposes of the New York Comic Con panel about the event, Orlando said he asked Way to send him a text explaining what Milk Wars is in one sentence. All Way offered in response was, “Milk Wars in one sentence.” 

That’s pretty much par for the course with these books. They always do the last thing you’d expect, and then make you chuckle as you’re working out why you suddenly feel slightly uncomfortable.

Orlando said that he and Way are “finding new rules to break,” and it sure sounds that way. He teased upcoming reveals in the Young Animal books that no one knows about quite yet, and described the crossover as one of the wildest and most creative things that’s ever come out of DC Comics. 

This Milk Wars tale will be set up in the Doom Patrol series that artist Nick Derington Way creates with Way. Derington said that the upcoming issues will heavily involve a character named Lucius Reynolds — a 14-year-old “metalhead” who has a penchant for magic.

But if you’re a fan of the other Doom Patrol characters, don’t worry. Derington assured everyone that “they all have cool shit to do,” and “every issue coming out has crazy surprises.”

Eternity Girl shows her face

Eternity Girl shows her face

There will be new books added to the Young Animal roster after Milk Wars concludes. One of these will be Eternity Girl, written by Magdalene Visaggio with art by Sonny Liew. The book is about an immortal being named Caroline Sharp who isn’t quite a physical entity and is battling depression. She’s offered a chance to destroy the universe by the ghost of her arch nemesis, and leaps at the offer.

Sounds questionable for sure, but that’s what makes Young Animal so interesting. These creators are daring to do things that no one else is, whether you’re into it or not. They’re truly earning their tagline — “Comics for dangerous humans.”

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