Amazon drops Echo Show price after YouTube fallout

It could also be down to the Echo products on the horizon. After all, the alarm clock-like Echo Spot also sports a (smaller) screen, and will cost just $130 when it arrives in December. Then there’s the beefed-up Echo Plus, and the next-gen Echo. But, that doesn’t mean the Echo Show has nothing left to offer. Yes, it lacks YouTube, but you can still watch Amazon Prime videos on its 7-inch display. It also boasts impressive speakers, video call functionality, and integration with smart home cameras.

Still, Amazon’s spat with Google does little for its artificial intelligence ecosystem. You see, CEO Jeff Bezos wants to play nice with his rivals in order to grab more Alexa skills. He’s already found success, courtesy of his firm’s partnership with Microsoft (which will share its Cortana digital assistant with Amazon, and vice versa). But the likes of Google and Apple evidently aren’t in the mood to play ball. Especially, since they seem to be chasing the same goal: To have their respective software serve as the control deck for your smart home.

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